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Candidates for public office who support Bernie

This website provides a complete* listing of individuals who endorse Bernie Sanders and are active candidates for a public office. These are people who will do all they can to support and promote Bernie's progressive plans. As Bernie says .. he can't do it alone! If we want real change we need to make sure there are enough progressive leaders in office to actually pass the legislation to make those changes happen.

Being a Berniecrat is not about party affiliation; it's about the issues. Any candidate who publicly endorsed Bernie (Twitter, Facebook, website, etc.) and supports his platform, qualifies for this list. They don't have to agree with Bernie on everything, they just have to believe that he was the right person for the job. Together we'll get this country headed back in the right direction! To be added, Tweet me at @Bernie2016Yes.

Remember that this page only includes people running for office, people who need your support (financial and otherwise). For other endorsements and information, see:

If you're looking for an easy way to support a number of Berniecrats in one fell swoop, you might consider using the BlueAmerica "Bernie Congress" donation page through ActBlue ..

Just as we've come out in YUUUGE numbers to support Bernie, we also need to support these candidates to make sure the right people are in office!

Each entry lists the candidate's name and office along with additional information as available:

w campaign website
t Twitter
f Facebook
i endorsement info
m graphic meme (from @4OurRevolution!)

Incumbents are listed with the year they are up for election. This is a "work in progress" and will may change over time .. please report any errors or omissions by sending a Tweet to @Bernie2016Yes.

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DISCLAIMER: At this point, there is no commonly agreed upon definition of a "Berniecrat." We err on the side of inclusion vs. exclusion, and do our best to confirm that the candidates on this list do/did in fact support Bernie in some way. They may support Hillary now (but so does Bernie), but as long as there is evidence of their support, that's fine. Please note that some are more hard-core supporters, while others may just lean in that direction. Before contributing to anyone, please check them out for yourself. If you see someone who is obviously not a Bernie supporter, please let us know!

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Berniecrat primary wins: 328 of 486 (67.49%)

[total records in database: 629; last updated: 2016-11-25 11:07:50 PDT]
AZ - 2 candidates
primary dates: March 22, 1016 (Pres); August 30, 2016 (State) [state info]

Adrian P. Fontes (D)
County Recorder, AZ, Maricopa Co.

 Won general election!

Steve Gallardo (D)
County Supervisor (Incumbent), AZ, Maricopa County

 Won general election!
CA - 29 candidates
primary dates: June 7, 2016 (Pres/State) [state info]

Jesse Arreguin (D)
Mayor, CA, Berkeley

 Won general election!

Ben Gould
Mayor, CA, Berkeley

 Lost general election.

Michael Tubbs
Mayor, CA, Stockton

 Won general election!

Kaisar Ahmed
City Council, CA, Redlands

 Lost general election.

Ken "Kacey" Carpenter
City Council, CA, Mountain View

Gil Cedillo
City Council (Incumbent), CA, Los Angeles, 1st District

Ben Choi
City Council, CA, Richmond

Dustin J. Foster
City Council, CA, Redlands

Michael Graves
City Council, CA, Ventura

Jeannine Pearce
City Council, CA, Long Beach, 2nd District

 Won primary election!

Mende Smith (GR)
City Council, CA, Santa Monica

Skylar Tempel
City Council, CA, Temecula

Amber Lynn Whitson
City Council, CA, Albany

Melvin Willis
City Council, CA, Richmond

Pamela Drake
Central Committee, CA, Alameda AD18

 Won primary election!

Guillermo Elenes (D)
Central Committee, CA, Alameda AD18

 Won primary election!

Deana Igelsrud (D)
Central Committee, CA, Los Angeles Co. AD-50

 Won primary election!

Margarita Lacabe
Central Committee (Incumbent), CA, Alameda AD18

 Won primary election!

Mary Jane Hunter
Neighborhood Council, CA, Echo Park

Rob Geller
School Board, CA, San Francisco

Ramona Irwin (D)
School Board, CA, Cajon Valley Union

CO - 2 candidates
primary dates: March 1, 2016 (Pres); June 28, 2016 (State) [state info]

Electra Johnson
County Commissioner, CO, El Paso, 3rd District

 Won primary election!

Véronique Bellamy
Board of Directors, CO, RTD, District I

FL - 2 candidates
primary dates: March 15, 2016 (Pres); August 30, 2016 (State) [state info]

B.J. Chiszar
Mayor, FL, Miami-Dade County

Anita Moeder
City Council, FL, Palm Coast, 3rd District

HI - 4 candidates
primary dates: March 26, 2016 (Pres); August 13, 2016 (State) [state info]

Gary Hooser (D)
County Council, HI, Kauai Co.

Jen Ruggles
County Council, HI, Hawai'i, 5th District

 Won primary election!

Harry Kim
Mayor, HI, Hawai'i Island

 Won primary election!
IA - 5 candidates
primary dates: February 1, 2016 (Pres); June 7, 2016 (State) [state info]

Joe Stutler
County Auditor, IA, Linn Co.

Jason T. Lewis (D)
County Supervisor, IA, Johnson Co.

 Vote for all 3 Johnson Co. Supervisors!

Rod Sullivan
County Supervisor, IA, Johnson Co.

 Vote for all 3 Johnson Co. Supervisors!

Kurt Friese
County Supervisor, IA, Johnson Co.

 Vote for all 3 Johnson Co. Supervisors!

Chris Schwartz (D)
County Supervisor, IA, Black Hawk Co.

IL - 6 candidates
primary dates: March 15, 2016 (Pres/State) [state info]

Kerri Barber (D)
County Board, IL, McHenry County District 1

Dominique Miller
County Board, IL, McHenry County, District 2

David J Soll
County Board, IL, 17th District

John Arena
Alderman (Incumbent), IL, Chicago, 45th Ward

Roberto Maldonado
Alderman (Incumbent), IL, Chicago, 26th Ward

Sue Sadlowski Garza
Alderwoman, IL, Chicago, 10th Ward

IN - 2 candidates
primary dates: May 3, 2016 (Pres/State) [state info]

Zach Adamson
City-County Council (Incumbent), IN, Indianapolis, 17th District

Jared Evans
City-County Council, IN, Indianapolis, 22nd District

MI - 8 candidates
primary dates: March 8, 2016 (Pres); August 2, 2016 (State) [state info]

Michelle Deatrick (D)
County Commissioner, MI, Washtenaw Co.

 Won primary election!

Rick Kasprzak (D)
County Commissioner, MI, Houghton County

Ismael "Ish" Ahmed
State Board of Education, MI,

Mark Miller (D)
Township Clerk, MI, Kalamazoo

 Won primary election!

Monica Ross-Williams
Township Trustee, MI, Ypsilanti Township

 Won primary election!

Fran Shor
Board of Governors, MI, Wayne State University

Stuart Collis (GR)
Park Commissioner, MI, Ypsilanti Township

Shauna McNally (GR)
Park Commissioner, MI, Ypsilanti Township

MN - 2 candidates
primary dates: March 1, 2016 (Pres); August 9, 2016 (State) [state info]

Brian Krenz
City Council (Incumbent), MN, La Crescent

Hayden Bunn (D)
DFL District Director, MN, 48th District

MO - 3 candidates
primary dates: March 15, 2016 (Pres); August 2, 2016 (State) [state info]

Scott Ogilvie
Alderman (Incumbent), MO, St. Louis City, 24th Ward

MT - 1 candidate
primary dates: June 7, 2016 (Pres/State) [state info]

Storm Shirley
County Commissioner, MT, Gallatin Co.

NC - 3 candidates
primary dates: March 15, 2016 (Pres); March 15, 2016 (State); June 7, 2016 (Congressional) [state info]

Wendy Ella May
County Commissioner, NC, Johnston County

Chris V. Rey
Mayor (Incumbent), NC, Spring Lake

ND - 1 candidate
primary dates: June 7, 2016 (Pres); June 14, 2016 (State) [state info]

John Strand
County Commissioner, ND, Fargo

NE - 2 candidates
primary dates: March 5, 2016 (Pres); May 13, 2016 (State) [state info]

Brian Whitecalf
Board of Supervisors, NE, Hall Co.

Vernon Miller
School Board, NE, Omaha Nation

NJ - 10 candidates
primary dates: June 7, 2016 (Pres/State) [state info]

Jeff Epstein
Surrogate, NJ, Burlington County

Angela Ashford
Freeholder, NJ, Monmouth County

Joni Brennan
Freeholder, NJ, Ocean County

Rozella Clyde (D)
Freeholder, NJ, Morris County

George Dusichka
Freeholder, NJ, Mercer County

Samantha Feuss
Freeholder, NJ, Passaic County

Robyn Gedrich
Freeholder, NJ, Ocean County

Mike Miller
Freeholder, NJ, Burlington County

Alex Calix Rodriguez
Freeholder, NJ, Mercer County

Amy Sims
Freeholder, NJ, Passaic County

NM - 2 candidates
primary dates: June 7, 2016 (Pres/State) [state info]

Nancy Marie Bearce
County Treasurer, NM, Bernalillo

 Won primary election!

Margarita Hibbs
County Treasurer, NM, Torrance

 Won primary election!
NY - 7 candidates
primary dates: April 19, 2016 (Pres); June 28, 2016 (Fed), September 13, 2016 (State/Local) [state info]

Ali Najmi
County Council, NY, Queens, 23rd District

Chris Higgins
County Legislature (Incumbent), NY, Albany Co, 5th District

Leah Golby
City Council, NY, Albany, Ward 10

Samelys Lopez
District Leader, NY, Bronx

Ting Barrow (D)
Democratic Committee, NY, New York State

Kelleigh McKenzie (D)
Democratic Committee, NY,

OH - 2 candidates
primary dates: March 15, 2016 (Pres/State) [state info]

Kelli Prather
City Council, OH, Cincinnati

Patricia Blochowiak
School Board (Incumbent), OH, East Cleveland

OR - 1 candidate
primary dates: May 17, 2016 (Pres/State) [state info]

Steve Novick
County Council (Incumbent), OR, Portland

PA - 1 candidate
primary dates: April 26, 2016 (Pres/State) [state info]

Tia Rossi
City Council (Incumbent), PA, Youngwood

PR - 1 candidate
primary dates: June 5, 2016 [state info]

Carmen Yulin Cruz
Mayor, PR, San Juan

TX - 3 candidates
primary dates: March 1, 2016 (Pres/State) [state info]

Jared Cates (D)
County Commissioner, TX, Nacogdoches Co., Precinct 3

Linda Tucker
Tax Assessor-Collector, TX, Van Zandt County

Julie Nitsch (D)
Board of Trustees, TX, Austin Community College

UT - 1 candidate
primary dates: March 22, 2016 (Pres); June 28, 2016 (State) [state info]

Josh Warburton
County Commissioner, UT, Washington Co.

WA - 6 candidates
primary dates: March 26, 2016 (Pres); August 2, 2016 (State) [state info]

John Fowkes (D)
County Commissioner, WA, Island County, 2nd District

 Won primary election!

Cynthia Koan (D)
County Commissioner, WA, Jefferson County

Jamie Nichols
County Commissioner, WA, Grays Harbor, 1st District

Ed Prince
City Council (Incumbent), WA, City of Renton

Kshama Sawant
City Council, WA, Seattle, District 3

Angelina de Caracena
City Council, WA, Seattle, Position 8